Life Design 1: Get Uncomfortable

This is a post in a series on life design.

“I am so fucking done with this.” 

I was sitting in my cubicle, under harsh fluorescent lights. I was tired.

I was tired of the office politics, organizational charts and the rat race. The saving graces were great co-workers, regular paycheques and quite honestly, the predictability of what I was doing. I got to do some interesting things, had some money to do some fun things.

I was done with the comfort. 

I recognize that, at this point, I sound like every other disenfranchised young person. A special snowflake that doesn’t understand the value of a job, working up the food chain and having the grunt work fall squarely on my desk. I know that there are some that hear my story and think, “Does this girl have no gratitude? ”

 That’s okay. You do you, boo. I’m here for the people that are interested in disruption, in harnessing opportunity. Who are willing to get uncomfortable to do something on their own terms. 

To try a new way. 

To experiment, fail and try again. 

To be grateful for their whole life, not just the paycheque. 

To have fun. 

So back to the cubicle. I decided I was done with playing along and staying in my comfort zone. I was ready to get uncomfortable and try some new things, go against the grain. It was a lot of little steps to get where I am today, and I’m still learning each and every day. And that’s fine, because I’m doing it on my own terms. 

I took the steps outlined in this series to chart a new course and get to a place where I could call the shots. I found fulfillment alongside personal grit. I found that sometimes going against that grain just means dismantling a lifetime of preconceived notions and fear-based thinking.