Client love


Changing your life is scary- I get it. I was there.

Sometimes it helps to have an opportunity to try-before-you-buy, or read a review on a product. I am the luckiest girl in the world— I have incredible clients, all eager to share how working with me impacted their lives. Take a scroll through, and reach out when you are ready to chat next steps (I can’t wait to talk soon).

Being coached by Alex is both motivating and eye opening. By asking me the right questions, she inspires me to come up with answers that are true to me, and then take action.
By working with her I was able to get past my block about money, and how it was holding me back. I have been able to overcome my fear of starting difficult projects and break things down one step at a time, celebrating the small victories. She is a professional and I look forward to every call.
— Killer coach + mom

“The help and coaching that Alex gave to me during a very difficult period in my life honestly gave me back my sanity. I felt like I was drowning, overwhelmed and confused.

“Alex stepped in and stepped up, giving me support that I sorely needed to make some hard decisions for myself. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to work my way through some of the issues that I had been having, and I now have a path forward.

“I truly would not have any idea how to move forward if it weren't for Alex's guidance. I cannot recommend her help, her great attitude, and her guidance enough - if you are struggling, this is your girl.”

— Powerhouse non-profit professional

I no longer feel like I’m letting the days pass by, waiting for my life to arrive. With Alex I feel like I’m there. Every decision is easier with her. Alex helps simplify decisions, redirect emotions and ultimately helps me set a course for my life and work that I choose, not that fits the idea of ‘normal’ that I had before.

Alex asks the right questions to get you looking at your life from an entirely new angle. She makes you feel okay for wondering and doubting. She sets you up with tools and strategies that help you overcome the blocks you had previously, that stopped you from taking up that new hobby, or standing up to a major challenge.

My relationships with friends and family are stronger now, because Alex helped me work through old issues and memories and overcome the past to look at my loved ones anew.

With Alex I learned to say fuck it to the norms, and live my life authentically. I’m so much happier.
— Brand new biz owner + risk taker

“"Alex has been an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance throughout my career change. She especially helped improve my portfolio website by effectively identifying my strengths in addition to creatively enhancing my personal brand.

“Her positivity and energy is contagious as she sparked my drive to find the right career that would capitalize on my passions and values. Alex truly advocates for her clients and believes in their potential, which makes all the difference when ultimately landing a fulfilling position.”

— Design professional

Alex helped me overcome my fear of failure and showed me how to be vulnerable in the pursuit of my own dreams and happiness. I wanted to make a big, positive change but I didn’t know where to start and because I couldn’t figure out that first step – it seemed easier to stick with the status quo.

Working with Alex helped me understand that there are infinite ways to reach the goal and that focusing on the end instead of the in-between steps allows so much more space for new opportunities to present themselves.

Alex’s calm, unbiased approach and unrivaled enthusiasm made me feel comfortable dismantling my fears and excited to pursue the in the things I wanted to achieve to feel like I am living the life I want.

She helped me understand what’s driving the change and why it is so important to pursue. After spending time with Alex digging deep into the roots of my apprehension and uncovering the obstacles, my fear has diminished and I’m more confident putting myself out there and breaking out of the status quo. It’s never too late to make a change and I couldn’t have made mine without Alex’s help! I’m well on my way! Thank you!!
— National team athlete