I am fascinated by how people live, and what makes them happy.

And a lot of times, what makes them happy isn’t front and center in their lives. It is tamped down by chaos, stress and the obligation to live up to an external standard or plan.

Sometimes, I think we forget we have a choice in life.


I am Alex, and I don’t think it is an accident that my initials spell “ASK.” I am really curious, forever telling a story, and love a deep convo. I am a coach, a writer, a speaker, and own a consulting agency, SALT + COMPANY.

I believe so strongly in creating a purposeful life, because by all accounts, my life could have taken a severe left turn. There have been a lot of eye opening moments (death, divorce, sadness) that could have shattered me to my core.

But I chose growth. I chose to change that all, and find calm in the chaos. I broke it down, and approached things with a methodical strategy. I have always been committed to growth and development, which has lifted me up when nothing seemed to make sense.

I know that it is easy to float along with everyone else. To believe that the course laid out for you is the only one possible. But then shit hits the fan, and suddenly you wake up. That course doesn’t look so dreamy any longer, and you need to figure out something new to keep your own sanity.


As a child, I distinctly remember realizing that I had a choice with how I approached things, and that it was solely up to me to decide how I wanted things to play out. Creating calm in your life doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when you consciously take control of your life.

When I created a strategy for my life, it was one that allowed me to succeed. It clarified what I wanted, and forced me to created space to achieve it. It literally helped me get out of my own way. And what happened when I got out of my own way? Top marks, masters while working full time. Home ownership at 27. Reverse retirement at 29. Company founded at 30. Doubled income in that first year of business ownership. Debt free, work from home, happy marriage life.

In the midst of this, it wasn’t all semi-charmed. My husband was almost killed, people dropped like flies around me, friends came and went, things dropped out from under my feet. Disappointment was there, and a real part of life. I cried a lot and had to reexamine my plan countless times.

But the unwavering in the midst of it all? That I could control the plan, and ride the rollercoaster. And you can too.

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I truly would not have any idea how to move forward if it weren’t for Alex’s guidance. I cannot recommend her help, her great attitude, and her guidance enough - if you are struggling, this is your girl.