Life Design 3: Reverse Engineering

This is a post in a series on life design.

When I first heard the term “reverse engineering,” I latched onto it. I absolutely loved the concept, because it completely flipped the equation. Instead of figuring out each next step, one after the other, reverse engineering is taking the final product (or goal) and taking it apart to see how it works (how it comes to be). In technical circles, this might be to replicate a product. In life design, this is to break down the goals into manageable steps. 

RE graphic

Using reverse engineering is helpful if you know what you want to do (for example, freelance photographer), but also helpful to craft your vision and define what you could do, if you aren’t sure, like so below:

RE table

The above is an example, and know that everyone’s goals and vision are uniquely different, and that is what makes them amazing. The goal of reverse engineering is to break down the seemingly overwhelming into manageable components that serve as an opportunity to activate your life.