… to chart a life worth living…

I made this all for you, to help you start to figure out what your next steps are. These can all stand alone, but are awesome used together, in this order. 

Values Worksheet: Setting values and understanding what drives you in life is the first step to grounding your life, while helping you to craft your next steps. Use this worksheet as a stepping off point to sort out your truest, highest self.

Boundaries Worksheet: Boundaries are incredibly important, and one of the most integral things to help me live my life with integrity and focus. This worksheet asks you to list what you want and don't want, with a big line down the center. That represents your boundaries. Use it, and use it often, as a reminder to focus on what you want, and let all other distractions fall away.

Big Picture Worksheet: This worksheet asks some questions to help you drill down to your zone of greatness. Note that this worksheet is step one. For step two, which wraps up the exercise into meaningful action, email me at for the final instructions.