Calm is…

  • Having a growth strategy for your life

  • Understanding the difference between images online and reality 

  • Designing your life the way you want it

  • Knowing It is never too late

  • Living a lifestyle that is within your means

  • Having a plan for what you want to do

  • Prioritizing clear communication with those around you 

  • Making decisions that you can control, instead of waiting for conditions that you can’t 

  • Feeling like you’re in control, not the victim in your story.

Calm is an antidote to the crazy, frenetic life we have evolved into. It is understanding who you are at the core, so you aren’t swayed by everything else swirling around you. It is an understanding of what you want, and how you are going to get there, so you aren’t just waiting for life to happen TO you. 

In school, we had guidance counselors. We were pushed to figure out our lives, chart a course and go after it, with full support. And then you arrive at adulthood, and that’s about it. No one is pushing you to continue to grow. You can stay in that comfort zone for as long as you want. 

But sometimes you get that sticky feeling in your chest. That you know that this life you’re living is leaving you grey, in debt, tired, like a victim. That you want to change. That’s where calm comes in.

A note on ‘busy’

I feel like we can’t talk “calm for busy people” without talking about busy. It is that thing that we have grown to detest- there are articles about how we have cultivated a culture of “busy-ness” and how it is the default crutch answer for people. When I say that I’m about “calm for busy people,” it is because i know you are busy. You are trying to make it all happen, trying to succeed, and you are tired. Tired that there isn’t another way, there isn’t a better way. So let’s calm down, and understand what busy is, and how we can manage it