happy clients

“Being coached by Alex is both motivating and eye opening. By asking me the right questions, she inspires me to come up with answers that are true to me, and then take action.”

Coaching helped me understand that the rest of my life didn't have to be a result of that choice I made when I was half my age.  I didn't have to just settle for the ending I created before.  I could start over and work towards what I want to do now.  Coaching also helped me change my attitude toward failing. 

— national team athlete

By working with her I was able to get past my block about money, and how it was holding me back.

I have been able to overcome my fear of starting difficult projects and break things down one step at a time, celebrating the small victories. She is a professional and I look forward to every call.

— j.j.

Coaching helped me understand that I had ideas and dreams that just weren't going to materialize if I stayed focused on trying to fall in line with what the world around me was doing.  The Joneses are going to keep moving along with their lives.  Why try to keep up when you can become the new Joneses?

— client

Coaching helped me shake that tunnel vision attitude and focus on the end result instead of one step.  This led to more creativity as to how to get there and the process became easier to digest.

— engineer