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COaching: reframe and Personal branding ($150)

When you are in the thick of your life, it can be hard to see who you are anymore. The reframe session is a single 60-minute call, bookended by email consultation. This is designed as a personal branding exercise, to develop a personalized pitch on your strengths, accomplishments and opportunities. Perfect for someone who needs an outside perspective on their zone of greatness, small business owners who need marketing support or individuals unsure of their next step in life.

Coaching: Strategy Sessions ($300/3, $550/6)

These are designed to clarify what you want to do, clear space to do it, and move you forward towards it. Strategy sessions are for people committed to working on an area of their lives, and want change.

I respect your time, and want to ensure that we are productive. Prior to each session, clients fill out their update form, clarifying what they want to focus on. We jump on the phone and go from there.

My major goal? For you to not need my support forever. These sessions are designed for action. Available in 3 or 6 session packages.

Speaking: Presentations & Speaking Engagements

Amplifying a message is something that excites me, and throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to do that at conferences, workshops and on national media outlets.  

I work with organizers, corporate leaders and media to deliver the best message through the most effective channel. Channels can include: conference presentations, corporate trainings, workshops and other customized methods.

Topics include: 

·     Emotional Intelligence: Essentials for the digital age

·     Space | Clarity | Movement: Goal setting that works

·     Cause + Effect: Rewiring your mindset

·     Disrupting the Joneses: Life plan creation

·     Balance + Harmony: Make life work for you

·     Storytelling + Public Speaking: How to master your message

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Corporate: Team Strategy Session

Teams that work better together, perform better as a whole. This day-long workshop is custom designed for your corporate team, focusing on areas such as leadership, emotional intelligence, goal setting and strategic project development.

Focused team development can only improve your outcomes- studies report increased collaboration and performance, increased employee satisfaction, less turnover, and improved external customer relations.

We kick off the planning process together, working with the designated team leader to clarify priorities and define objectives. This ensures the day is built around what you need and want, nothing else.

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EI Pres

If you’re interested in program development and evidence-based communication strategies, the consulting arm of my business, SALT + COMPANY, may be a perfect fit. Developed from a decade of public health programming, SALT + CO is committed to a different way of seeing things. Contact me at to discuss your idea further.